Dec 05

Best studio headphones

For becoming a music professional you must have to go for best studio headphones to ensure your recording quality is one of the best among your contemporary studios. This is a significant investment to buy a good quality studio headphone as you know that you are going to use it everyday. Some brands and models mention “studio” in their title but actually it doesn’t mean that they are the best. It has become a common practice to use the word “studio” only for marketing purpose.

To determine which one is actually the best quality head phone you must consider- high sound quality, pleasant bass, reliability and comfort. To pick a good studio headphone might be a difficult task. I expect this article will surely help you to decide easier. The price range of studio headphones is generally between 90 $ to 250$, but if you wish more expensive one with better sound quality and comfort you will get many. In this article I am going to focus on best studio headphones under $200 and review those articles which is affordable to the mass and price range is less than 200$.

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Oct 15

KRK KNS8400: Little headphones with great quality

KRK might be surely understood in the creation of studio amplifiers, yet the KNS arrangement have quite recently ventured their first attack into the market of earphone. The KNS 8400s have numerous configuration highlights that we acknowledge in studio hardware: a separable link and replaceable ear pads and under the headband. The said replaceable pads are made of ‘flexible foam’, which is naturally alter themselves to embrace your ear tightly. The earphone itself is light, since it is verging on made of plastic. Consolidating the two things and you will have such an agreeable outline. The 90 degrees turn is devoted for individuals who are generally voyaging, packing things in their sack hurrily. Like I said, the KNS 8400s are truly adaptable. The device is now available on Amazon, probably one of the best studio headphones 2017 for under 100.
In the box we have: A pair of headphones, indeed, along with a carrying case; a short and detachable cable with volume control; a long straight cable that attaches to the shorter cable and then to your equipment; a user manual – which I didn’t open (as I thought it would only say: ‘attach cables, plug in to audio source, put on head — over your ears’, yeah?)

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Oct 13

Walkie Talkie: he was not dead, he was carousing

“You accept me? Change”. “I receive, does it make you a party ?. Change”. “Okay, see you there. Change and short”. If you have not had walkie-talkies to play with your children, you do not know what you’ve missed. Either that or you’re very young, and you touched the “boring” era of mobile phones.

In any case, walkie-talkies are not outdated and still have a lot of uses. Today we review these utilities and besides explicates everything you need to know if you plan to buy some. Do not miss our buying guide.

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Sep 10

Pedals for electric guitar: what to know?

When I wanted to buy a pedal board did not have the faintest idea what, if single or multi-effect if this or that brand. So I made this post, I hope to help them decide to buy better or more thoroughly adapted to the type of music they do, and if they already have one to share the info and teach others.

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Sep 10

Bose Acoustimass 6 Home Theatre Series II Bundle Unboxing

Sep 02

F&D F2300X Home audio speaker review

Aug 11

1st Home theater 2016

Aug 02

Klipsch Reference Premiere 7.2 Surround Sound System

Jul 17

1st Audio car system

Jul 03

Double DIN Car Stereo buying and installing

Double DIN Car Stereo – Some tips before buying

When looking to buy a double-DIN car stereo we are offered a range of options, which can be a bit confusing. We all start in the same boat when it comes time to buy, so where do we start in narrowing down the selection? View the best double-din stereo reviews. Here are a few areas worth considering when determining:

The primary function of a car stereo, even when you can make one thousand and one other things, is to provide a source of listening enjoyment. But what do you hear when the strip is circulating?

Do you listen to the FM radio frequency? For best results in tune to radio stations, it is best to look for a cheap FM radio with a sensitivity of about 8 to 12 dB. The digital processing can also be used to clarify the analog signal, eliminating the typical static in radio. Look for these details in the specifications if it is important for you.

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May 10

Some reasons make you lose enthusiasm when practicing guitar

Have you been crashing into the circumstances like this? Originally seen people play guitar you very eager and really want to play but when you learn to be a time you started gradually discouraged due to many causes, such as: why the pain of hand too, why are hard to remember, hard to remember chords too. Why learn the nostalgic without progress anything? So you decided to quit not to learn the guitar. Sometimes having the best starter guitar can encourage you much in continuing all guitar learning

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Apr 11

Me, and my beginner guitar

Whenever I walk beside any kind of musical instrument’s shop, I just can’t resist myself from paying a look into the shop. The instruments on here, especially the guitars fascinate me the most. By seeing them, I just can remember my old days, whenever I have been just eager to learn the guitar.

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Mar 30

Where to Find the Best Studio Monitors

If you already knew the vital job of the studio monitors, the next thing you need to consider is where to find them. Where to find the best studio monitors can be tricky and it is not really easy. As you can see, there are different kinds of studio monitors, there are different looks and there are different manufacturers. Of course, you can’t make a DIY studio monitors so you have to buy. But where?

No one wants a messy studio monitors and everyone hates being deceived by false and pretentious claims. For best studio monitors, you can only find them on Well, for you to know why they deserve your trust, consider first what to look for.

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Mar 26

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones Unboxing!

Mar 23

Gear Roundup: What Are The Best On-Ear DJ Headphones?

Feb 03

What To Look For In DJ Headphones

You’re thinking about buying new headphones for your DJing. You clearly understand its importance and you’ve been considering it as clearly as you can. Your first consideration – the price is probably puzzling. Let’s get through that now. If you’re ready to spend big bucks on your gadget, it’s fine. But on the contrary, your choice is limited since you can just afford some particular pair, try to land your hand on one meeting most of your needs. Some of them, I think, are listed below.



Since you will be wearing this gadget all night, it needs to be absolutely comfortable. The earpads are neither pressing too tightly on your ears and the area surrounding, nor too big or too small in comparison with your head. The pair hangs perfectly on your neck, not chafing or catching any of your skin when you move your head.

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Jan 19

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones Unboxing & Overview

Jan 11

How to start your own home recording studio

To set up a home studio means you have to make a lot of decisions, most of them about the requiring equipment. You are going to buy loads of essentials with your budget and you scare of getting the wrong gadget. Just to be sure, let’s take a look at them first, don’t forget to look up if you don’t know what they are.


  1. A microphone
  2. An audio interface
  3. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software
  4. A digital keyboard
  5. Studio monitors
  6. Headphones
  7. Cables

Wow, kinda tough, huh?

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Jan 02

Advantages of having a home recording studio

Nowadays, it is possible to design your recording studio at your home. There are various reasons as to why you should have your recording studio. Recording at a commercial studio may be your option, but there are several factors to be considered before deciding to record in a hired studio. Hiring a studio for recording may turn out to be an expensive option. You have the possibility to get entrance to expert engineers and sophisticated instruments for the purpose of recording in a commercial studio. However, these aspects are all subjected to the availability, time and your allocated budget.


You do not have to worry about all these issues if you have your recording studio. You are independent and can take your decisions related to recording music or vocals. The access to a home recording studio is also beneficial regarding your skills. You will have the opportunity to utilize some valuable time and to allow your natural talents to flow. A home recording studio also allows to use the studio for renting purpose. You can consider renting the studio to fellow musicians and earn some extra money. This will give an overall boost to your finances.

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Dec 31

How to choose the best microphone for your voice

It’s hard to admit but there won’t ever be the ‘best’ microphone for any vocals because billions of people out there have trillions of voices that sound different under certain circumstances. Therefore, the best we can do is to limit our choices by considering the application and the budget, voices and styles, then pick the most suitable.

pshaudio.info_1 In this tutorial, we would study the impact of music’s genre on our options. If you’re also confused, feel free to check this out.

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